November 30, 2015

Ecological Footprint

Whats Your Ecological Footprint?

We all consume resources.  We all use up space, eat food, burn fuel and create waste.  How much?  Whether your share is fair is often the reason and purpose behind a ecological footprint quiz or calculator.

Some places will call this a carbon footprint. I prefer ecological as it is braoder even though the focus on a carbon footprint is more on the cosuming or petroleum based resources.

The basic way to measure this footprint is to look at the number of people and the world and compare it to the productive land and thus we get a number. Then we look to see if that number (on an individual basis) is sustainable or not.  The result of these calculators is often (in the western world) an uncomfortable number.  You are probably consuming more than your sahre of the planets resources.

Go figure out your ecologicial footprint here: